Friday, December 30, 2011

Welcome - An Introduction

Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog. I'm Paige. I'm a fairly new resident to the Berkshires of Massachusetts, having moved here in March of 2011. I live above a 4-stall barn with my rabbit, Sammie; my fish, Rhapsody (named after the song Rhapsody in Blue); and my 12 year-old Thoroughbred mare, Whisper. Well, Whisper lives downstairs in the barn, but I still consider her as living with me.

I graduated from Westfield State College where I studied Music Performance (I'm a flutist), and English. After working as a veterinary receptionist for about a year after graduating, I made a huge leap and moved to the Berkshires because of the opportunity to live where I am now. Rationally, it was not a decision that I would have normally made, as I moved without having a job lined up, without much knowledge or familiarity of the area, and without having friends out here to help me out. But, somehow my heart won out over my head in this one, and I found myself packing up everything and moving Whisper and I out here.

Whisper, my 12 year-0ld Thoroughbred mare. She used to race, and still enjoys galloping around in the pastures here. Unfortunately that gets her into trouble - but more on that later.

So today you'll find me living out my childhood dream: I live over a barn. I'm also a certified equine massage therapist, and have been doing a bit of horse-related freelance writing, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. Whisper is my first horse (though I'm sure there will be many more posts dedicated to her in the future), and although I've been riding and involved with horses for 17 years, she continues to be both a challenge and a source of endless learning for me. With this blog I hope to be able to share our adventures with you, along with things I learn and discover, and what inspires me in day-to-day life. I hope you'll join me in The Equine Experience.

- Paige

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